Orphans and Vulnurable Children

 The OVC day care center is located in two buildings in the Shabalala trust area outside Hazyview town in the Mpumalanga province

At Hosanna Seek and Save OVC centre

Every day the orphans and vulnerable children come to our centre. Those who attend the programme are between the ages of six and fourteen years.

Around  eighty children are on the books. Most of these children do not have both a mother and a father living with them. Some live with grandparents, some with only a mother or a father. Many come from child led households.

At Hosanna they receive a daily meal depending on what is available. This could be mealie meal, vegetables (cabbage, spinach, onions) and sometimes beef bones and sugar beans. Without this afternoon meal many would go to bed hungry.

Local farmers deliver bananas, avocados, butternut squash and sweet potatoes – but these are not delivered on a regular basis - only when stocks are available.

Thanks to Hazyview Digital  Learning centre we can provide the children with computer training.

Our dedicated volunteers stimulate

the children in sport, musik, art

and various plays

We ensure that the well-being of orphaned and vulnerable children is continuously monitored. We conduct regular physical and emotional assessments. In addition, a Hosanna nurse visits the children´s schools on a regular bases to discuss their health and academic process with their teachers.

At home

Many of the children live in one room shacks. They have no toilet in thier house, some have toiletts on the yard or else they have to go to their neighbours or to the nerest bush.

 They struggle to wash clothes or to wash themselves. Some have tap water on the yard, but many have to get water from communual taps. The water infrastructure gets water about once or twice a week.

Not all have electricity making it difficult for the children to do thier home work.


God’s Glory Ministries International, Lions International and Rotary are the main financial parters.

Many other come with clothes , money, toys, etc that we can distribute to the children and thier families.

Clover supports by donating milk and custard, but this is not on a regular basis and again only when stocks allow and when we can arrange transports to get it .However, despite all these challenges, the children and young people see a value in coming to Hosanna

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It is not a secret - we are severely short of money to give our children the future they deserve.

We humbly invite you to be a partner in future.


                      cell: 0729212232

It helps us a lot to be in Hosanna Child Care, because we get almost everything we need.

We get good food for free and other things that we need. We even get free computer education and we also have time for sports.

Hosanna teaches us respect and treats us like we are their children. We enjoy being in


Even when you need something you can tell them and they will take it from the top.

We thank you very much Hosanna.

We receive clothes, food and education for free. It helps us a lot to be at Hosanna Children's Centre.

We thank Mama Sipiwe. It is she who has

brought us this.” (Goodness & Don -on behalf)

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