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Empowering Rural Communities: Creating Jobs and Transforming Lives

At Hosanna Church and Community Projects, our commitment to uplifting unemployed individuals in rural areas is at the core of our mission. In partnership with The Independent Development Trust of South Africa (IDT) and under the Ministry of Public Works, we are proud to provide jobs to one hundred and four (104) individuals in trust areas surrounding Hazyview.

Our dedicated workforce can be seen making a tangible impact in various projects across the region. Approximately sixty team members are actively engaged in our own initiatives, such as the Home-Based Care Project, Orphan and Vulnerable Project, Hosanna Creche, vegetable garden, and maintenance tasks. An additional forty individuals are assigned to clinics, schools, police stations, other NGOs, Hosanna Church, Mihindzu guesthouse, and more. Hosanna takes full responsibility for recruiting, managing salaries, monitoring performance, handling absenteeism, and ensuring seamless operations, reporting back to IDT.

The success of our projects and the dedication of our team have been recognized nationally. In 2014, we were honored with the prestigious award for “Excellence in the Implementation of the Expanded Work Programme – Non-State Sector,” receiving a diploma personally signed and presented by the Minister of Public Works.

While IDT generously covers the costs of the majority of salaries, we take pride in our commitment to self-sustainability. Hosanna itself funds the salary for the Project Manager, and we are actively seeking sponsors who share our vision to help support this crucial position.

From receptionists at clinics to administrators at local schools and industrious individuals tending to vegetable gardens, our dedicated temporary staff can be seen leaving a lasting impact in every corner of the community.

We are driven by the belief that empowering individuals with employment opportunities is not just a job—it’s a catalyst for positive change and community development. Together, with our committed team and the support of partners like you, we continue to create a brighter future for rural communities, one job at a time.