Without any vehicle available, our heroes and foot-soldiers go miles from door to door to support the patients  They asssist the patients in matters related to hygien and houskeeping and help them in garden, give them medicine and comfort and if necessary refer them to hospital.

An increasing problem is Multi Drug Resistant TB Bacteria.We give daily injections to those who suffer from this severe illness and who live to far from the nearest clinic.

We are desperately looking for funds for a car who can take our nurse to the patients.

Without the daily injections the patients would not survive, and also very important, without the daily injections the disease may spread to an uncontrolled level in our society.

We give palliative care services for the terminally ill to afford them a dignified farewell. Our care workers and nurses have received additional training in this difficult work and continuously attend courses and seminars.

Throuhg HPCA we give accredited training  and mentorship for Care Workers in home based care in parts of the Mpumalanga province. And when funds are available we arrange awareness campaigns in HIV/AIDS, TB, hygiene, nutrition, etc.

We are funded by and work in close collaboration with  Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa  (HPCA.) All our patients are continuously registered in their online system.

Morning briefing before our dedicated caregivers go home to their patients 

We are proud of the young people in our church. They spend some of their free time to the sick people in the area.

Caregivers in action

Home Based Care